The Progress of Grief

Progress - When I Googled it, the example sentence was, “The darkness did not stop my progress.” How appropriate is that?! If you’re reading this post, it’s safe for me to assume that you’ve lost someone you love at some point. And you’ve likely experienced or are experiencing that darkness (which can be especially difficult

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The Health Food Trap. How to Spot Lies In Marketing to Eat Well.

Don’t be fooled! Next time you’re out shopping, watch for the words “Healthy”, “Low fat”, “Reduced Sugar”, and “Natural” on your food packaging. They are all buzzwords geared to sell products to those wanting to make better choices for themselves and their family. Sadly, they can be quite misleading.  Healthy is subjective and can be used

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For The Woman At War With Her Body

I spent years at war with my body. At the time, I believed the war was external, caught up within numbers on scales, clothing brands and measurements. My value, my worth, and my life seemed to fluctuate with the rise and fall of numbers that nobody knew, or honestly cared about, except for me. As

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The Path to Self-Forgiveness

A few years ago I read an article about forgiveness and there was a piece of it that resonated with me: “Anger, bitterness, resentment and vengeance can rob our very existence of any semblance of contentment” It made me reflect on my personal ability to forgive. I must admit, I tend to hold onto resentment a

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Food Allergies and Intolerances

For years, I was upset that I couldn’t eat what everyone else ate. The thought of a grilled cheese sandwich, teriyaki chicken or pastries was preoccupying, to say the least, and the cause of more than a few pity parties. The list goes on. I couldn’t drink iced drinks because my teeth were too sensitive.

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Healing Grief Through the Power of Endorphins

(An excerpt from my best-selling book, Healthy Healing) Sitting on a beautiful beach in Los Cabos, Mexico, I hit my personal rock bottom. I remember sitting there, looking out at the beautiful turquoise sea, and thinking that all I wanted to do was curl up and cry. For the first time in my entire life,

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Finding Magic and Becoming Your Own Superhero

The darkness will come, and it will envelop all that you are and take what feels like your very last breath to survive. It is all but guaranteed. Not one person escapes this life without personal pain and difficult days. We all know loss, we all learn grief. It may look different for each person

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Love Is Love – Blending a Family Through The Eyes of a Teenager

The blog below was written by our thirteen-year-old bonus daughter Haven. It has not been changed or edited by her parents in any way. I sure hope it helps some of you understand the mindset of a kid in a blended family. Our family has many dimensions, Haven and Kane have lived through divorce, while

Living Without Those You Can’t Live Without

You are living without the person you can’t possibly have lost. The loneliness can't be captured in any word, phrase or song. It’s palpable, breathtaking and seemingly void of all reality. It’s cold, cruel and takes your heart to a level of pain you didn’t even realize existed before death laid its cold hand on

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