Finding the light when struggling with grief

The light. It’s always there, guiding our way, fueling our journey.

Sometimes we become dense, dark, and the light goes dim.

We feel weighed down life, circumstances and people. We are burdened with responsibilities and past pain.

It squeezes the life out of our being and suddenly we are tired and lack the inner beauty our spirit has hidden under layers of density.

To find the light within you need to connect to the present moment and release the burdens you carry, even for a moment.

Stand in the light, take a few cleansing deep breaths and just be where you are. Feel the sun enter your being and allow the old to fall away.

The light is always there.
The energy is always accessible.
You simply have to decide you are willing to seek it, rather than the darkness.

This practice isn’t easy, and I’m not here to say that it will fix all your problems. It’s a practice and the more time and awareness you give this and any other healing modalities – the more you will thrive.

Let’s practice finding the light.
Start tomorrow morning off right.