Why My1FitLife Adventures 

In 2009, when Michelle’s husband Mitch died in a plane crash, she vowed to complete everything on her husband’s adventurous bucket list in his honor. It started by taking the day he died and doing something big and bold rather than sitting home and being sad about his loss. Michelle wanted to honor his life rather than focus on his death. Eventually, Michelle met her current husband, Keith, who had a similar dream to honor his best friend, Brandon, who also died in a small plane crash. Keith and Michelle have hiked Colorado 14ers, Grand Canyon, and kayaked the Na Pali coast. They started to do adventures together and, in 2014, began My1FitLife Adventures to give other’s the opportunity to travel with like-minded individuals and honor their loved one’s dreams. 

My1FitLife Adventures is about doing it all, learning from new cultures, and coming together regardless of the different types of loss we all experience to support each other on our collective journeys. As time passed, Michelle and Keith realized their adventures helped shape many lives and get people back to living a full and intentional life after loss. Together they have taken groups to Machu Picchu, Bali, hiking the Tour Du Mont Blanc in Europe, and much more. 

Find your next adventure with our group now.