Nine years ago tonight, I was getting ready to remarry.

To say I was scared was a major understatement.

What if I got hurt?

What if something happened to him?

What if life didn’t work out like I was planning….AGAIN.

That’s when I reminded myself to live in the moment and accept each new day as it comes.

I wouldn’t have traded a single day with Mitch just avoid the pain of his loss.

I wouldn’t have skipped being the mother of our kids.

I wouldn’t have lived in a bubble.

Why would marrying Keith be any different?

It has been NINE years (tomorrow) since our wedding and guess what?

I wouldn’t trade a single day with Keith just to avoid pain some day potentially in the future.

I wouldn’t have skipped blending our families.

I wouldn’t live in a bubble.

You can have fear in this life, but that doesn’t have to stop you from living and creating the happiness YOU want for your future.
Each day is a precious gift.

When you are ready to live again, LIFE will be waiting.

Good night world,

Michelle ❤

PS…Keith is in Peru tonight camping on the Inca Trail with our Adventure Crew. He called me because he knows tomorrow is a big day for us, Mitch and I only got nine anniversaries before his accident. Tomorrow, on our anniversary he will hike into Machu Picchu with our crew and that call (from our guides phone because he had not signal) meant the WORLD to me. I was supposed to be not he trip but with so many passing last year, I don’t have as much coverage for my kiddos. So thankful for that call…Happy anniversary handsome. I still love you <3