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Whole Food Eating with Michelle

Michelle’s Breakfast Burrito

  ?‍??This recipe looks a lot more complicated than it actually is. It’s one of my faves, and it comes together in just a few minutes.   ?It’s even quicker to prepare if you pre-chop your veggies on the weekend.   ?Have you tried frozen avocado yet? It’s definitely worth checking out. The night before

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10 Surprising Health Benefits of Cucumbers and My Favorite Go-To Quick Salad Recipe

I love, love, LOVE cucumbers!! Did you know not only are these cool little crunchy veggies tasty, but they are also actually really good for you? Cucumbers are nutrient-dense but are not high in calories; therefore, they make for a beautiful addition to any food lifestyle, and there are so many fun ways to dress

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Banana Bites: Dessert That Mom and the Kids Both Love

Want to give your kids a wonderful tasting dessert without all the added sugar and colorings?  This is whole food goodness at its absolute best!   Your kids will love this quick, easy, and delicious recipe! Ingredients Banana Organic Peanut Butter or Almond Butter Cacao Chocolate Chips Slice the Bananas and spread on a thin

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7 Ingredient Potato Leek Soup Made in Minutes – Vegan Optional!

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE, soup!!! I especially love soup when it's fast, easy, cheap, healthy and delicious! Potato Leek Soup is one of my personal favorites, but as someone who can’t do cream or milk, I struggle to find good comfort soup recipes that still taste great! I’ve played around a lot with this recipe,

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Amazing, Delicious, Soft, Chewy and HEALTHY – My Favorite Avocado Cookies

Who doesn't love cookies? I mean, my kiddos could LIVE on them…literally. What's not to love? They are so soft, yummy, and if you are like me, just the right amount of sweet. Even though we love cookies they aren't the pinnacle of health food so here is my favorite recipe that takes a twist

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Warm and Toasty Chicken Tortilla Soup

I LOVE chicken tortilla soup! It's one of my favorites because it's quick, it's super easy and it's chalked full of goodness. All in one neat little soup you get protein, good fats, lots of veggies, and warm tasty goodness. This recipe can be thrown together in about ten minutes and left to simmer for

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