I love, love, LOVE cucumbers!!

Did you know not only are these cool little crunchy veggies tasty, but they are also actually really good for you?

Cucumbers are nutrient-dense but are not high in calories; therefore, they make for a beautiful addition to any food lifestyle, and there are so many fun ways to dress them up and eat them often. It’s no wonder that you find cucumbers in world-class spa’s around the world. They are healthy, and we should consume them more often. 

A few of the many health benefits of cucumbers….

  1. They contain antioxidants
  2. They improve hydration
  3. May aid in weight loss
  4. They keep you hydrated
  5. Can help fight inflammation in the body
  6. Protect your heart
  7. Can help reduce pain
  8. Protect your skin from aging
  9. Help with constipation – High in fiber
  10. High in Vitamin K for bone protection

The bottom line? Grab a cucumber today and eat it as a go-to snack. Your body will thank you!

So what’s my favorite cucumber recipe? 

I love cucumbers so much I am happy to eat them all alone with nothing on them, but sometimes it’s fun to squeeze a lime on top and a dash of sea salt. 

My favorite quick salad recipe is below. I make this several times a week, and it’s always refreshing and always quick and easy.


1 Cucumber (I prefer the English ones)

1 Roma Tomato or several cherry tomatoes

Thinly sliced red onion (to taste)

A small amount of thinly sliced arugula 

A light sprinkle of feta cheese

Top with the juice of one lime, sea salt and a crack of black pepper

Optional dash of Olive Oil (I’d do a teaspoon or less)

This one is easy peasy, so yummy, quick, and full of so many nutrients my body wants and needs.

Don’t you dare give up the food you love, get better food!

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