December 10th, 2018

From a nutrition standpoint, you could go in 100 different directions, but very few of them would consider your health.

You can eat fad diet, take pills, fat burners, eliminate carbs, drink shakes all day, drink some funky soup, but the truth is, while you may drop weight in the beginning, it won’t be sustainable unless it is consistent for life.

Your best bet is to watch your body after you eat carefully. Journal how you feel after you have each food and see if your joints ache, your brain gets foggy, you feel sluggish. 

Food is telling, and it will tell you exactly how to eat if you tune in and list. 

Yes, it’s hard work, but damn, it is your only body. Isn’t that worth the work?

To drop fat (not weight but fat), you need to eat at a calorie deficit and make sure that deficit is healthy, not super restrictive (like sub-1200 calories) and you need to start eating more REAL FOOD that your body knows how to process.

Skip the bags, the boxes, the cans as much as possible and eat straight from the garden and the permitter of the grocery store. Look for COLOR, look for freshness, look for foods that satiate you at a cellular level, so you stop grabbing bags of chips and baked goods.

Listen, everyone, this is not rocket science. Observe, take the time, be consistent and not only will your body change, but more importantly your life and health will change.

You are worth it. 

If you want more help our New Year Challenge is launching soon and we have added a bunch of new stuff to keep you motivated and moving in not only the right direction but the healthy one for your mind, body and soul. Watch this space for more.