Something I have vowed, since I lost Mitch, is that I will celebrate these days in his honor. My husband LOVED life and he loved to explore, so I’ve dedicated my life to honoring his way of viewing this earth while I am here. Today I went to his very favorite spot in Sedona and hiked close to 9 miles all by myself. Not only was the hike beyond beautiful, but it also served as a way for me to get my workout in and celebrate the day. I let the ballon go in one of the most beautiful spots it the canyon as a way of saying hello. I also did a little trailblazing (which he totally would have loved) and decided that when you go where nobody else is going, you often find the best stuff. ♥

My adventure didn’t make the day less difficult but it gave the day more meaning, and it brought him just a little closer back to me.

Live healthy, live fit, live life….no excuses, no regrets.