A few simple tips from Michelle on how to be healthy when eating out this holiday season!

Just because you have goals that include living a healthier life doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy eating out or hanging with friends. Maybe you just need a few tips to navigate the small challenges that go with a restaurant menu. 

Let me help!

#1 – Skip the sugary drinks, diet sodas, and alcohol. If you want to feel festive, maybe go with sparkling water and add a splash of cranberry and a lime. Drinks are empty calories, and they add up fast and add zero nutritional value.

#2 – Get veggies or fruit as a side rather than fries or butter-filled rice. I know this seems like common sense, but nobody eats enough vegetables, and so often we opt for unhealthy options. Did you know veggies, especially the green ones, help raise your metabolic rate? Eat those veggies this holiday and start training your taste buds to love real food.

#3 – Consider an appetizer rather than a full entree. So many American restaurants serve portions that are double or triple what we need. Maybe consider looking at the appetizer menu and sharing some “small plates” amongst everyone eating!

#4 – Ask for modifications. Yes, be that customer because you are paying the bill, and I’ve learned that most restaurants don’t’ mind if you ask nicely. Find out the oils they are cooking with, and don’t be scared to inquire about small changes that can lead to significant results on your journey to health.

#5 – When in doubt, stay away from sauces, buttery dishes, and tons of starches. I love a simple yummy salad filled with veggies and topped with some kind of lean protein. Can’t go wrong, it always tastes great, and you walk out feeling great too.

#6 – View the menu online before you go! This will help you make an educated choice before you are hungry, so you order what’s best for your goals and your health. Waiting till you are sitting at the restaurant can make a good choice more challenging.

#7 – Ask for salad dressings and other condiments on the side. People don’t even consider how much sugar and fat can be hidden in things like salad dressings, and the truth is, we don’t need as much as they put on our meals. A little bit goes a long way.

#8 – Understand that the longer you eat to nourish your body, the more your taste buds will change. Within a matter of weeks, most clients tell me that their cravings stop, and they begin to love the taste of nutrient-dense real food. Give it a try; you may just be surprised.

#9 – Less is more. If you want to indulge this holiday season, that’s fine, have a few bites, enjoy every moment, and then fill up on the healthier choices.

#10 – Whatever choices you make, don’t let it derail you beyond the meal you are eating. If you decide to go ALL IN and eat LARGE next time you go out, please enjoy it and remember the day is not ruined, just go right back to making smart choices for your best-fit life!

What tricks do you use when you go out?