December 31st, 2010, just fourteen months after the untimely death of my healthy and young husband, and I realized life was never going to improve, change or move forward unless I did the work to make something happen.  

I sat by myself at around 11 pm, and I felt something move, something shift deep in my soul. It was New Year’s Eve, and I just knew I was ready to live again fully. It’s hard for me to explain, I could feel the energy in my body go from one dimension to another, and the alignment with the new phase of my existence was profound and extremely powerful. 

I think if we look back on our lives, we will notice we have several moments of next level alignment. These fundamental shifts can take our lives in a new and fantastic direction, but we do have to be open to not only the change but also the work that may accompany what comes next. 

I sat down that night, and I wrote things I wanted for my life in the coming years. Not so much “resolutions” but instead goals, long terms goals, that by writing them down, I was adding intention to my dreams. I wrote about wanting to find companionship again, live my passion with my work, raise my children to be kind and happy, and become the best version of myself both mentally and physically. I said it all out loud, and more importantly, I started a plan to bring it all to life. 

You see, I believe the universe wants you to succeed. 

I think if you put the good intentions out there – you will get it back in spades. 

What do they call that? 

The law of attraction?


I believe you have to want it, say it, dream it and be open to it, but most importantly, you have to WORK FOR IT.

Nobody and nothing is going to hand you the life you want, and no amount of New Year Magic is going to make it come true to you on demand. Once you dream it, say it, and write it down the real work begins because that is when you take small steps day after day to unlock the magic in your life. 


  • Get up a little earlier
  • Work a little later
  • Be open to that coffee invitation
  • Take care of your health
  • Get out in nature
  • Be open to meeting new people and taking new risks
  • Working your day job all day and working your passion when you get home at night
  • Skipping the extra wine
  • Reading the additional book
  • Getting therapy to help you heal
  • Heal your struggles and love yourself
  • Live in the moment


The year after I decided to make my own New Year magic was when I started my successful blog, met Keith, left my corporate job to own my business, and did my first “bucket list” adventure. Since that first year, I’ve also published a best-selling book, moved to Montana, and have seen my children grow into happy, well-adjusted, and incredible human beings.


It wasn’t magic

It wasn’t luck

It hasn’t been easy

I wouldn’t trade a thing


You can ask for the magic this New Year, but you are going to have to be open to risks, take new chances, and understand it won’t ever be perfect. At the end of next year, it won’t have been magic that brings you to the next level of you; it will have hard work, a determined and no quit spirit, and an openness to whatever comes next. 

So as you sit and write your New Year resolutions, don’t just think you will be transformed as the clock strikes midnight. Make those resolutions and turn them into baby steps, manageable goals, and do the work every day, even in the smallest ways to level up. Magic won’t bring you the your dreams, only you can do that. 

The next alignment of you is waiting, and the beauty of the next level is it’s just a stepping stone in life towards your very best version.

Happy New Year.

Go and make your own magic. 



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