I give you permission to rise.

I realize you don’t need my permission, but there are days where we all need someone to tell us it’s okay.

I’m a 46-year-old woman who has lived through more than my fair share of crap in this life from poor self-image, weight difficulties, widowhood in my mid-thirties, and solo parenting of two babies. I also thrived as a woman in a corporate job surrounded by men and leaving that job to start my own business and nonprofit.

I’m a 46-year-old woman who has seen 88-years of life in my 44 years of time, and this is what I want to tell you…

You have permission to rise.

You have permission to love your body right now, regardless of what you weigh or what anyone else thinks of it. The only person in this world that matters is you and YOU shouldn’t wait to love your amazing body another day. Your body wakes you in the morning. It gives you breath, life, and memories. Your body is perfect, just as it is. Don’t’ let anyone tell you it should be smaller, tighter, or stronger. Those are goals, but they are not necessary for you to love the body you are in. Your body is beautiful because it gives you life and allows you to love all the people in your world. What matters most is your spirit, your being, and your energy. Your outer case does not define your inner light.

You have permission to rise.

You have permission to stop comparing yourself to everyone else’s journey. Your life is not a highlight reel, and there will be many moments of imperfection. You will pick your kids up from school without makeup and in your pajamas. You will fight with your spouse, your kids will drive you crazy, and you will be miserably unhappy. You will also be happy when you are laughing with your friends and choke on the gum you are chewing (admit it, we’ve all done it). It won’t make for a fascinating Facebook post, but it’s your reality, and your friends love you for it. You don’t have to compare journeys. It’s okay to make your way and smile at the good and be angry at the bad, and it’s okay to be true to it all.

You have permission to rise.

You have permission not to care what others think about you, your house, your car, your job or your choice of clothing. Be true to you always in this life. Nobody else is going to pay your bills, see what you see with your own eyes or care much beyond the time it took them to type their opinion on your latest post. Who cares what they think? You should do this life for one person only…YOU. They won’t be watching the flashback on your last day so honor your dreams and your passions and live for you.

You have permission to rise.

You have permission to be strong on your great days and weak on your bad days. No rulebook says you always have to be amazing and powerful. We all have seasons. We all have days we are ready to kick ass and days we want to lay in bed and cry. It’s okay to have both and realize that your seasons make you all the more interesting and real.

You have permission to rise.

You have permission to let go of toxic relationships that don’t help you grow. You don’t have to cut people out of your life, and you should always forgive (for YOU, not for them) but that does not mean you have to allow them to drain your energy regularly. Protect the precious light inside your being and don’t let others put it out.

You have permission to rise.

You have permission to be the Phoenix rising in your story after horrific experiences. Life’s hard for us all, but it’s okay to stand up and claim the power back in your life. Regardless of what you do after life hands you tragedy, somebody is going to tell you that you are doing it wrong. They don’t get a vote. We all walk our path in this life, and you will rise in your way and in your own time.

You have permission to love your life.

You have permission to grieve in your way.

You have permission to disagree with others but still be friends.

You have permission to work for someone else, stay at home with the kids or create your vision.

You have permission to love what was and love what is.

You have permission to stop taking everyone’s crap and start making yourself happy.

You have permission to do this life your way and in your time.

Don’t give permission to anyone else.

It’s your life….


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