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If you know me well or have followed my story for any amount of time, you know that I live with passion, follow my intuition and do what my heart calls me to do! In that spirit, a year ago, I made yet another bold decision in business that was scary, brave, but oh, so right. For years we’ve been doing fitness challenges that have been so successful but stopped being my passion. I felt so unmoved by just helping people work on their bodies; we wanted to help them work on their LIVES. Yes, fitness is key to so many things, but I wanted to make a more significant difference, so we finished our last challenge, and we went into creation mode for a full health program that is based on what I am calling the 5 Pillars of Wellness. 

  • Movement (Not just exercise)
  • Nutrition (Eating to nourish your body and create health)
  • Mindset (Changing old belief systems, teaching meditation, educating on the importance of sleep, etc.). 
  • Nature (Educating on the importance of our time outside)
  • Community (Doubling down on having incredible people around you to make your best life.

About two months ago, we started to roll-out our new and vastly improved Quest program to the acclaim and love of current and past clients. I am so deeply proud of what we have created; it’s unique and so comprehensive you are going to love it just as much.

What does the new Quest include?

With a Quest membership, you can look forward to: 

• 7 COACHES (and growing!) who know their stuff! The My1FitLife team will help you move more, eat better, think positively, get out in nature, and provide you with a fantastic community of people focused on living their best life.

• A running CALENDAR OF UNIQUE CHALLENGES (free to Quest members!) to help keep you on track and motivated

• A CUSTOMER SERVICE TEAM who is here for you when you need answersCoach ZOOM LIVE & SHARED VIDEO SESSIONS that include anything from cooking classes to TRE (Tension & Trauma Release) as well as a host of other topics

• Nutrition support includes MENU PLANS, which you can access directly from your smartphone or computer, recipe sharing, nutrition coaching, advice, and more.

• Movement options including a WORLD-CLASS WORKOUT APP, which will have you training like a pro and getting stronger than ever before; EASY TO FOLLOW EXERCISE VIDEOS, which begin at the very beginning; YOGA for your body and mind connection; and many more varieties of movement at your fingertips.

If you are looking for something different, something PERSONAL, something where you build relationships, make full life changes and focus on wellness, our program is for you.

Sign up for just $49 a month and cancel anytime. That’s less than the cost of one gym training session with a trainer, and you will have all your workouts, nutrition, meditation, yoga, TRE, and so much more. It’s an incredible value!

Join us! Use the link below.


If you have questions email info@my1fitlife.com