Breaking Fitness Stereotypes and Finding True Health

Can we talk very honestly and frankly about health, fitness, and our cultural standards around how we look for a moment? I decided to put a photo collage of myself together at various moments in my life. I’ve lived every side of the “weight” spectrum, and each different time in my life, I’ve had a different level of health and …

Aloe Citrus Bloat Buster

THIS SPECIAL DRINK IS A GREAT WAY TO START YOUR DAY BECAUSE IT’S PACKED WITH FOODS THAT ARE AMAZING FOR YOUR GUT HEALTH!   You can find pure aloe juice at most natural food stores or supplement shops. 💚🌿 🍋🍯Aloe Citrus Bloat Buster!     (serves 1) ½ cup (120 ml) water (or coconut water) ½ lemon (juiced) ¾ oz …

Unlocking New Year Magic

    December 31st, 2010, just fourteen months after the untimely death of my healthy and young husband, and I realized life was never going to improve, change or move forward unless I did the work to make something happen.   I sat by myself at around 11 pm, and I felt something move, something shift deep in my soul. It …

Composing gift list before Christmas
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The Christmas Letter

I orginally wrote this piece three years ago and it was published on the Huffington Post. I’ve updated it here and continue to practice this holiday tradition to this day with my children. I hope you will adopt it as well. It’s a priceless gift you can give them that will someday mean the world. Michelle    The Christmas Letters  …

47 Things I’ve Learned By 47

I just recently turned 47 years old, and what I’m about to tell you may seem cliché, but it’s all true. I’ve lived through some solemn life lessons, but they have made me who I am, and truth be told, I’ve never been better or loved myself more. Honestly, I’ve never been better. I have been younger.  Thinner Heavier I’ve …


Uncluttering our Christmas

Let’s chat about parenting guilt for a few minutes. Who has ever experienced the soul-crushing guilt of not giving your children the childhood or life you expected? Sure, it’s often out of our control, and it’s not realistic to provide them with perfection, but that does not stop the guilt from coming! There are so many reasons us parents carry …

Healing From Trauma – Why You Shouldn’t Leave the Body Behind

It’s time we STOP believing that all trauma healing work happens in our minds, we must reconnect the body, and it’s rightful place on our healing journey. ~Michelle Steinke-Baumgard, One Fit Widow When I got a phone call that would forever shape my world, I instinctively turned to fitness to handle my stress, trauma, and grief. I was called to …

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Dear Widow Police – I Won’t Revoke My Card

Nearly ten years ago, I was given exclusive membership to one of the world’s crappiest clubs. October 9th, 2009 – the day I went from being half of M & M, Mrs. Michelle Steinke, and the wife of Mitchel Steinke to becoming a widow. No thanks. You can keep your membership card because at 36, with a one and nearly …